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If you find yourself ready to blow up at the drop of a hat, you could be dealing with anger issues. Anger is a healthy and normal emotion, but if driving down the freeway causes you to spiral out of control in anger if someone cuts you off, your explosive temper could cause serious consequences in not only your relationships, but also your mental and physical health. By understanding the triggers behind your anger, you can learn to control your temper.

Anger, emotionally speaking, is neither bad nor good. If you have been wronged or mistreated, it is perfectly normal and healthy to feel anger. That feeling is not the problem; it’s what you do that makes the difference. Anger is a problem when you harm yourself or others. Hot-tempered individuals tend to feel as if anger is out of their hands, almost like a beast that they are unable to tame, but you actually have more control over those angry emotions than you think. By learning to express your emotions, whether good or bad, you will most likely meet your own needs.

It takes patience and work to master anger management, but it will get easier the more you practice. By learning how to express and control your anger appropriately, you will be able to achieve your goals, build better relationships, and lead a more satisfying life.

Some people thing that it is healthy to vent their anger. They think that the people around them are too sensitive and that their anger is entirely justified. Others believe that showing anger gains respect. Those thoughts couldn’t be further from the truth. Aggressive anger will impair your judgment, damage your relationships, and affect your success. Anger can also have a very negative impact on the way that others see you.

If your anger is out of control, it could be affecting your physical health. When you constantly operate at such high levels of tension and stress, you become more susceptible to high cholesterol, diabetes, insomnia, a weak immune system and heart disease.

Anger takes mental energy and will cloud your thinking. If you are constantly angry, you will most likely find it hard to concentrate. This could lead to depression, stress and other mental health issues.

People with anger issues have often lost their jobs because they couldn’t control their temper. Heated debates, constructive criticism, and creative differences make for a healthy work environment, but if you are constantly lashing out at your supervisors, workmates or clients you could be asking for trouble. A bad reputation at work because of your anger will follow you, even if you leave your present place of employment.

If you are out of control when it comes to anger, you could be hurting those who are closest to you. Anger can cause lasting scars in the folks that you love the most. Anger also gets in the way of work relationships and friendships. Intense and chronic anger will make it hard for anyone to trust you, or feel comfortable around you. Explosive anger episodes are especially damaging to children and could cause lifelong scars.

Uncontrollable anger isn’t the end of the world, and if you are finding it harder and harder to control, it may be time to see a professional who can help you deal with your uncontrollable anger once and for all. 

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